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Laura Binetti’s training methods are widely recognized as being some of the most effective anywhere. Her commitment to the success of her clients drives her to deliver results. Laura gives them the straight line they need to get them from Point A to Point B for all of their health and fitness needs.


  • Canada’s Top Female Bodybuilder
  • 1999 Ms. Pro World
  • 1996 European Grand Prix Champ
  • 1994 Canada Pro Cup Champ
  • 5 time Ms. Olympia competitor
  • 5 time Arnold Classic competitor
  • 4th place 2000 Jan Tana

Before and After
Tracey - Before and After

Tracey Garey
Start Weight: 130 lbs
End Weight: 108 lbs
Transformation: 9 months

"I began training 6 weeks after the birth of my second child and did my very first Figure show 9 months after having a baby. Laura Binetti was more than encouraging and knew exactly how to coach me into becoming my best. She has a knack for making winners out of people by believing in them, and giving them the confidence to believe in themselves and win. Laura was the one who convinced me and gave me the courage to do my first figure show. The combination of her coaching, support and programs; both workouts and meal plans got me there and I was proud to do well, for her and myself as we had both put so much effort into the journey. I owe this success to the skill set of Laura Binetti who's stong work ethic & dedication coached me through the entire process, very hands on, many sessions in the gym as well as her daily peripheral support."

Shows & results:
Level 1 - Mississauga - placed 2nd in Short & 3rd in Masters
Level 2 - Sudbury - Placed 2nd in Short & 1st in Masters
Level 3 - London Ontario Championships - Placed 3rd in Short & 3rd in Masters

Tracey - After
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"I feel so much healthier and stronger now that I have been training with Laura. I honestly feel like I can do anything!" -Alex
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