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Laura Binetti’s training methods are widely recognized as being some of the most effective anywhere. Her commitment to the success of her clients drives her to deliver results. Laura gives them the straight line they need to get them from Point A to Point B for all of their health and fitness needs.


  • Canada’s Top Female Bodybuilder
  • 1999 Ms. Pro World
  • 1996 European Grand Prix Champ
  • 1994 Canada Pro Cup Champ
  • 5 time Ms. Olympia competitor
  • 5 time Arnold Classic competitor
  • 4th place 2000 Jan Tana


Caruso Fitness Nutrition Products:




Fermented L-Glutamine powder (minimum purity 99%).

Glutamine plays an important role in the metabolism and is recognized as being the cell generator and precludes the muscle tissue degeneration. It is particularly solicited during an intensive training, a bodily injury and during a stressful state.

GLUTAFERM promotes the immune functions maintenance, stimulates the glycogen synthesis (energy reserve) and the natural production of growth hormones. It is also a precursor containing a powerful antioxidant.

Take 1 to 2 teaspoons with water or juice morning and evening and drink immediately.



  • 500mg $40.00+ tax+ shipping
  • 1,000mg $70+ Tax+ Shipping

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